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Through increased contact with women entrepreneurs, women in employment or simply women looking after their pensions, we soon discovered that women prefer to be counseled by and / or have conversations with them on the subject , From woman to woman and so we put the idea of ​​Enza Cipolla into action and in the fall of 2007, „frauenvorsorge“ was born. For many women, retirement planning is a sealed book and the fact that almost exclusively men are consultants is not really helpful in solving the problem. Our women-specific counseling consists in recognizing and expanding the knowledge and possibilities of the individual woman in her life contexts. We stand on the side of the customer,

  Women’s care – Women’s solutions are:


The basics of my current activity have grown from an extensive background of experience, characterized by the profession and life itself. The commercial diploma HSI, my training as a merchant with with eidg. Proof of ability in the field of banking as well as the acquisition of the higher trade diploma have prepared me for the upcoming professional career. Various management positions in various industries have prepared me for my present work; The world of work and employee relations are often the cause of surprises and a constant challenge. In April 2003, I entered the insurance industry and faced a new challenge. I soon realized that this industry is a male domain. Both on the consultant and customer side, I mostly met men. There was the question „Where are the women?“ obvious. I have been dealing with this question more and more intensively and my mind has taken on the idea of ​​“frauenvorsorge“.


Nachdem ich mit Erfolg die Hotelsekretariatsschule absolvierte erwarb ich zusätzlich den eidg. Fähigkeitsausweis als kaufmännische Angestellte.  Mein bisheriger beruflicher Werdegang ist abwechslungsreich  und umfassend: Nach einigen Jahren Berufserfahrung in der Hotelbranche und über 10 Jahren erfolgreicher Tätigkeit in von Männern dominierten Bereichen, dies jeweils in führenden Positionen, war ich nun für die Versicherungsbranche bereit und folgte schliesslich im April 2006 meiner Schwester Enza, um sie tatkräftig zu unterstützen.